South Texas Hyperion User Group This Thursday


In case you haven’t heard, there is now a South Texas Hyperion User Group!  Their first event is happening this Thursday, October 26, 2017 and like the NTxHUG, things will start up around 3:00 PM.  That’s the when…here’s the where:

Noble Energy
1001 Noble Energy Way
Houston, TX 77070

Once the event ends, there will be a social hour here:

Baker Street Pub & Grill
17278 Tomball Pkwy
Houston, TX 77064

Things will start off with a Meet and Greet along with a welcome from the Organization Committee.  Jake Turrell will give everyone an introduction to ODTUG and then get into his presentation on comparing PBCS to On-Prem Planning.  Once he wraps up, Annie Hoang will provide a customer store about the Evolution of EPM at Parker Drilling.  It sounds like the Houston crew has a great event planned for Thursday!

North Texas Hyperion User Group Meeting Next Week

It has been far too long since my last post and it will be a little longer before we get to another technical post.  In just one week, the next North Texas Hyperion User Group will be meeting in Dallas.  The event is on October 19, 2017 and things will start up around 3:00 PM.  That’s the when…here’s the where:

Balfour Beatty Construction
3100 McKinnon
Dallas, TX 75201

Balfour has been kind enough to host in the past and it has always made for a great place to meet.  Once the event ends, there will be a social hour here:

Katy Trail Ice House
3127 Routh St
Dallas, TX 75201

Trey Daniel will kick things off with his presentation:  That’s Not in the Documentation: Gotchas From Implementing PBCS at GameStop.  After Trey, there will be an Oracle representative getting us all up to speed on the on-premise roadmap.  It should be a great a event and we hope to see everyone there!  You can find more information here.

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone enjoys their day off!  Adobe gave me some great free stock art for the 4th…so I had to use it!  The History Channel has a nice page dedicated to the History of Independence Day.

</shortest blog post ever>

EPM Marshall Weekly Newsletter, Sign Up Now!

As Kscope17 rapidly approaches and I continue to look for new ways to procrastinate on the final preparations necessary for my presentations.  In the meantime, I welcome you to sign up for the new EPM Marshall Weekly Newsletter!  The newsletter is an automatic, once a week e-mail with the most recent posts on this blog.  I’m also in the process of reconsidering my Monthly updates, which I’ve clearly failed at providing recently.  So be on the lookout for a possible re-occurrence of the EPM Week in Review.

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But, while you wait with baited breath for that decision, sign up for my new weekly newsletter:

Once you complete those two simple steps, you should receive and e-mail to confirm that you wish to be added to the list.  This both validates your e-mail address and ensures that you really did want to join the list. is now

You may have noticed a massive change in the way things look around here. is now!  And yes…this is a totally corny play on words, and I’m okay with that.  I’m Brian Marshall and I like to blog about EPM.  It also makes for a cool looking badge logo.  As it happens, works too if you are interested in spelling it correctly. will also continue to work.

All of my existing content will still be here and everything will work just like it did.  I decided to change the site up for a few reasons.  First, if you google Hyperion EPM, you can’t get right to my website.  There are too many other companies that have the top slots (I’m looking at you, Oracle).  Second, Hyperion is not the only EPM technology out there.  I may not blog about other technologies yet, but at least this gives me more options.

That’s all for today.  I should have a lot more content coming as I finish off my presentations for Kscope17 and try to regain some of my blogging time as things hopefully slow down a little at US-Analytics.  In the meantime, enjoy a giant version of my new logo:

Next NTxHUG Meeting Announced for February 16th


The next North Texas Hyperion User Group (NTxHUG) meeting has been announced and it will be on Thursday, February 16th, 2017.  The event will be hosted in Irving at the Oracle office.  You can find more details here:

NTxHUG Website

We’ll be getting started at 3:00 PM then heading to a happy hour at The Ranch in Las Colinas nearby.  I’ll be presenting along with someone from Oracle.  This quarter we’ll be discuss on-prem Hyperion tools.  This includes a road-map and then integration across the stack.  The Oracle Office is located at this address:

6031 Connection Drive

Irving, Texas 75039

The following happy hour will be at The Ranch at Las Colinas at this address:

857 W John Carpenter Fwy

Irving, Texas 75039

At the end of the post you will find a handy map with a pair of pins: the Oracle office in question and The Ranch at Las Colinas.  I hope to see all you local to DFW there!

[iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″]


Kscope17…here I come!

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be speaking at Kscope17 in San Antonio.  I will be giving a presentation on Essbase performance in virtualized environments.  This will contain a lot of content that you will see here, or already have seen here.  I’ve very excited that this presentation was accepted as I’ve been working for over a year to get everything ready to actually present.  You can find more here.  The official title of my presentation is:

IT Made Me Virtualize Essbase and Performance Sucks: Making Essbase Fast In Any Environment

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at Kscope everything year since 2010.  I believe that Kscope is far and away the best Hyperion-related conference in the world.  I also enjoy getting together with a large number of like-minded Hyperion Nerds.  This year should be an amazing experience just like every year before.

This year we are back at the JW Marriott outside of San Antonio.  For those of you that haven’t been to this particular resort, it is pretty amazing.  It has a great water park, so if you want to bring the family, or have the stay the weekend after, you will really enjoy it.  If you happen to be into golf, they have a LOT of golf there.

In other news, if you plan on attending or even think that you might attend, I would highly recommend booking your room early.  If you happen to book to late, you might be staying down the street.  And when I say down the street, I mean down the super-long entry way, down another street, and around a corner near the freeway.  In other words…you don’t want to stay offsite if you don’t have to!

Luckily, we have a long time between now and June, as I have a lot of work to do to make sure that this presentation and possible white-paper are…awesome.

Happy Belated New Year!

Welcome to 2017!  This post is way late as I continue to recover from a ridiculously busy Q4 and the Holidays that go along with that.  2016 was my second year of blogging, and I’d like to think that it was a successful year.  In 2017, I published 83 blog posts.  I’m not sure that I’ll get anywhere near that number this year, but I’m hoping to make every post count.

This year I hope to focus more on continuing to build out my home lab to support new and interesting things.  I’d also like to spend more time with cloud technologies like FCCS and ARCS that I haven’t spent as much time blogging about so far.  Here’s what I hope to post on in general:

  • Essbase Performance (you should see a lot on this given my presentation looms)
  • PBCS
  • FCCS
  • More fun with PowerShell
  • More posts about the Lab
  • Perhaps a guest-blog or two?

I’ll finish off this post by stealing an idea from Jason and posting my top 10 blog posts from 2016:

  1. The Planning Repository: HSP_OBJECT and HSP_OBJECT_TYPE
  2. Building a Hyperion Home Lab: Introduction and Choosing Your Hypervisor
  3. Getting Started With Hyperion Planning and Rapid Deployment (Part 1 of 2)
  4. Building a Hyperion Home Lab: Choosing Your Motherboard
  5. Building a Hyperion Home Lab: Choosing Your Processor
  6. Getting Started With Hyperion Planning and Rapid Deployment (Part 2 of 2)
  7. Drill-Through in PBCS and Hyperion Planning Without FDMEE
  8. Enabling Dynamic Members in Custom Plan Types in
  9. Currency Conversion in ASO
  10. Veeam Backup & Replication Free Edition Experience and Sample

ODTUG + NTxHUG @ Topgolf Tomorrow!

It’s time for a meet-up!  Tomorrow, December 1, 2016, join the ODTUG North Texas EPM/BI Meet-Up group as we co-host an event with the North Texas Hyperion User Group at Topgolf in The Colony.  We’ll get started at 3 PM and the first two bays will be sponsored by ODTUG!  You will have to buy your own drinks and food, but we’ll cover the bays until 6 PM.  Come enjoy the company of your local EPM and BI professionals as we play Golf poorly!


Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016
Time: 3:00-6:00pm (drop in anytime and look for our bays)

Location: Topgolf
3760 Blair Oaks Drive
The Colony, TX 75056

Here’s the meet-up info:


ODTUG Board of Directors Voting Ends Today!

Voting ends today for the ODTUG Board of Directors.  This may seem familiar, but with voting coming to an end today…here it is one more time:

It’s that time of year.  Election season.  No, not THAT election.  The ODTUG Board of Directors election!  You can see the very long list of 16 nominees along with their campaign statements and bios here.  I urge you to pay special attention to Jake Turrell.  Jake has been contributing to the ODTUG community for as long as I can remember.  He has multiple best speaker awards and a great deal of passion for what we do.  He also has a fantastic blog that I reference multiple times a month.  I can’t imagine a better candidate for the ODTUG Board of Directors.  If Jake were more self-promoting, he would have let me put up an amazing campaign site.

But as I mentioned before, that’s not his style.  Instead I’ll list off some of the contributions from Jake over the years:

  • Oracle ACE Associate
  • Speaker at Kscope in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.
  • Top Speaker Award (Planning Track) – Kscope16
  • Best First-Time Speaker Award – Kscope10
  • Co-Editor – Developing Essbase Applications
  • Blogger – EPM Adventures
  • Kscope12 – Content Lead for EPM/BI Apps
  • Kscope13 – Content Team for EPM/BI Apps
  • Other Conferences: OpenWorld, NTxHUG, Infratects Top Gun, Solutions, etc.

Jake also has the added benefit of being an independent contractor.  This means that he gets to sit on the fence between Oracle customers and Oracle partners.  But don’t quote me on that in case I ever decide to run for ODTUG BOD again.

Voting ends today, October 25, 2016 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time!