Hyperion EPM Month in Review: February 2017

HyperionEPM.com Month in Review

It’s that time again…the EPM Month in Review.  February was just as active as January with another 44 contributions from our great community.

Adashek EPM

Gary tells us about a new feature in Smart View  He also has an in-depth look at the Query Designer in Smart View.

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron has the results of his Smart View Survey.  He also has a tip on installing just Excel 2016 instead of the entire 2016 suite of Office products.  Cameron also brings us a great post on backing up your on-premises applications.  Finally, he suckered Chris Rothermel into providing us with a great guide on backing up your cloud-based applications.


The DEV EPM crew tells us about the newly release Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS).  I can’t be the only one saying that acronym out-loud right?


Neha provides public service announcement regarding a bug in Planning  Amit shows us a cool was to pass run-time prompts from Planning to a MaxL command rebuilding a partition.


Summer has a quick tip on the possibility that a cube refresh could fix issues in PBCS.

Eric Erikson’s Oracle HFM and FCCS Blog

Eric tells us about the HFM patch that was recently released.  He also shows us how to view metadata properties inside of HFM (but not Smart View).

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin gives us a lengthy series on installing the Hyperion EPM stack in a distributed environment:

Sibin also continues his journey with the Essbase application logs.  He finished off the month with another installation related post relating to a failure.

Glenn Schwartzberg’s Essbase Blog

Glenn has an interesting post about FCCS and issues relating to data storage.  This particular issue is not unique to just FCCS.  I’ve had this exact issue occur one time before on a PBCS implementation as well.

Hyperion EPM

I had a post on Parallel Data Loads in Essbase BSO cubes.

Jason’s Hyperion Blog

Jason asks if we’ve ever wondered what the difference is between JDBC and JNDI connections is?  He has another post as well on advanced Essbase features in Dodeca.

More to life than this…

John continues his series on the FDMEE Hybrid Update.  He also has a post on loading Planning meta-data using FDMEE.

Oracle – Hyperion Labs

Celvin takes a break from Groovy to talk about PBCS and hierarchy driven Smartlists. He then continues his Groovy series with Part III and Part IV.

Real Tri Geek

Sarah shows us how to get past an issues with the BICS Data Sync configuration.

The Finish Hyperion Guy

Henri tells us about end of days for the FR Desktop Studio.  Mid-2017 is coming up quick!

The Hyperion Doctor

Ludovic gives us a run-down of the updates in February 2017 PBCS release.

The I.T. Side

Eric takes a deep dive into the new ODICS offering from Oracle.

The Unlocked Cube

Vijay has a pair of posts.  First he covers DRM Pivots.  He sticks with DRM as a topic showing how to execute the DRM Batch Client from remote servers…without anything fancy.  Pretty cool…

Pete shows us how to execute shell commands in MaxL using the CalcMgrExecuteMaxLScript CDF.  He also shows some of the differences between EAS and Calc Manager as it relates to validating code.

Tim Tow’s Hyperion Blog

Tim gives the Dodeca support team an e-high-five.

Tony’s World of EPM

Tony walks us through the process of enabling dynamic member creation in PBCS and Planning.

Woman in EPM

Opal gives us a recap of the RMOUG Training Days 2017 event in Denver.  She also has a post about John Wick 2?  Ok, so there may be something about EPM in there too…but mostly John Wick 2.