Public Service Announcement: No More Deleting Plan Types ( and PBCS)

Someone asked me today…how do I easily delete Plan Type in Hyperion Planning.  I thought to myself…why would they ask that?  In they added a cool new Plan Type Manager that allows you to add, delete, and rename Plan Types.  But hey, I’ll fire up Planning and take some screenshots.

First, let’s look at the to make sure that Brian hasn’t lost his mind:


Fantastic…I may be losing my mind, but at least I’m not quite there yet.  Clearly you can rename and delete Plan Types.  So then I fired up


That looks totally different!  First, there are no text boxes to rename Plan Types.  Second, there is no delete button at all.  Interesting.  For grins, let’s look at PBCS:


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they look the same…  So now let’s try to add a new Plan Type:


It seems there is no reason to check the documentation.  They seem to have removed this functionality on purpose.  While I’m sure they had their reasons, I’m not a fan of removing functionality.  Just for fun, here are the release notes for where they specifically call out the additional new features:

And if you scroll way down you should see this:


When I have some more time, I’ll be posting an article on deleting Plan Types using the Planning repository.  And then when I have even more time…I’ll show you how to do it on PBCS.  In the meantime, I’m off to delete a Plan Type the hard way.