Latest Patches, Quick Links, and Presentations

I’ve been tinkering with the site lately and now I think most of the content should be ready to publish.  First, I had someone recently ask for a few of my older presentations, so I figured it was time to organize all of my old presentations and give them a final place to live.   So if anyone went to one of my presentations and wanted the slide deck or addendum, they should all be here going forward.

Presentations Page

As I was going through all of these presentations, I realized just how bad I used to be at PowerPoint (and still am) and how awful some of the Kscope templates have been over the years.  With that, I decided to move on to tweaking the Quick Links pages to move the environment links into a table and generally format things better.

Quick Links

Finally, I decided to add a new page that tells us first, what are the most recent patches and second, what are ALL of the patches  So here it is…

Latest Patches

I managed to capture everything from, but I did not venture back to or earlier.  So if you are looking that far back…I prioritized sleep over compiling that giant list.