HyperionEPM.com is now EPMMarshall.com

You may have noticed a massive change in the way things look around here.  HyperionEPM.com is now EPMMarshall.com!  And yes…this is a totally corny play on words, and I’m okay with that.  I’m Brian Marshall and I like to blog about EPM.  It also makes for a cool looking badge logo.  As it happens, EPMMarshal.com works too if you are interested in spelling it correctly.  HyperionEPM.com will also continue to work.

All of my existing content will still be here and everything will work just like it did.  I decided to change the site up for a few reasons.  First, if you google Hyperion EPM, you can’t get right to my website.  There are too many other companies that have the top slots (I’m looking at you, Oracle).  Second, Hyperion is not the only EPM technology out there.  I may not blog about other technologies yet, but at least this gives me more options.

That’s all for today.  I should have a lot more content coming as I finish off my presentations for Kscope17 and try to regain some of my blogging time as things hopefully slow down a little at US-Analytics.  In the meantime, enjoy a giant version of my new logo:

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