The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending April 23, 2016

This was a pretty busy week.  Partly because I was out part of last week and missed several posts, but also because it was just a busy week.

Patches and Updates:

DRM has been released.  Looks like another pretty good update.  DRM continues to be the most updated product in the EPM stack by far.

OBIEE gets the award for the longest patch number I’ve seen from Oracle in a while.

OBIEE ties the version 11 for patch length.

HFM aka patch 23114734 has been released.

New Blog Posts:

This week I got back to the Planning Repository!  I started down the path of the built-in dimensions.  First up was the HSP_ACCOUNT table.

Opal gives us a review of the new iPad Pro 9.7 from a user’s perspective.  Not exactly EPM, but hey…I want one.  Though I’m not sure I’ll go for the pink model.

Tim gives us a rundown on the Crossjoin function.  For those of us that have used Microsoft’s Analysis Services product, we often wonder why there’s not Crossjoin operator.  It is so much better than this function that won’t even take more than two parameters.

John Goodwin has two excellent posts on the new hybrid functionality of FDMEE.  You can check out part 1 and part 2.

Speaking of FDMEE and the cloud, Dayalan has a post about that patch itself and then another post about using the hybrid functionality.

Eric gives us a great view of what to expect over the coming months from Oracle in the EPM space.

Doug shows us how to push data to from Hyperion Planning to HFM using FDMEE.

Robert gives us his thoughts on the changing landscape of EPM as more and more of our world heads to the cloud.

Harry has implemented data submission in his very impressive web-based interface for Essbase, giving me even more reason to finally get around to playing with this tool.

Gary has a new blog!  Go check it out.  Bring on the blogging Gary!


The Planning Repository: HSP_ACCOUNT
North Texas EPM Lunch

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