PBCS April 2016 Update: FDMEE On-Premise Is Here, Kinda…

Another month…another update to PBCS.  This month we have a few very interesting items.  First, we have a new version of the EPM Automate Utility with a few new commands:

  • copysnapshotfrominstance – This command can essentially replicate one instance to another.  This could make migrations a bit faster and more streamlined and possible less error prone.
  • provisionreport – This provides a report of which roles are assigned to which users.  The cool part here is that it also shows the “sequence of inheritance”.
  • userauditreport – In case you wonder who is actually using PBCS, this report should tell you who logs in and when.
  • setsubstvars – Similar to the MaxL command that performs the same function, we can now use the EPM Automate tool to create and set substitution variables.

Now let’s talk about what really makes this release interesting.  PBCS now supports integration with on-premise FDMEE!  This is great news that we have all been waiting for.  But wait…it requires FDMEE  This confirms the rumors we’ve been hearing.  So what’s the problem? of FDMEE isn’t actually available yet.  On the bright side, hopefully this means it will be released by the end of April…before the May update of PBCS.

Of course we also have the long list of defects fixed in this release.  I’ll let you look at the PDF for the list:


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