Hyperion EPM Week In Review: July 23, 2016

HyperionEPMWeekInReviewWelcome to another Monday edition of the Hyperion EPM Week In Review.  Let’s just jump right in…

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:

Disclosure Management has been released.  This one is way out of my wheel-house, so…

OBIEE has also been released.  This is an extrememly long patch number and includes a extremely long list of bug fixes across the BI stack.

Not to be outdone…OBIEE has been released with its sibling.

And just to round out the entire OBIEE family, was released as well.

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:

Opal has several posts this week.  First, a review of Tony’s book, The Definitive Guide to FDMEE.  Next up is an ODTUG post about Jorge Rimblas.  Jorge is an Oracle ACE with a heavy interest in photography.  Heading back to the cloud she has a pair of posts on finding your version number and enabling data management in FCCS.

Celvin shows us the details of a pretty big bug in the date difference functions built into Calc Manager.  The good news is that there is a patch.

Sarah has a guest blog post by Teal Sexton about OBIEE and APEX integration.  Perhaps I need a guest blogged?  Anyone interested? 😉

Tim has an excellent write-up on adding a dimension to an ASO cube.  Pretty cool idea.  I’m sure I’ll make use of this before too long.

Jason has part 4 and part 5 of his on-going data intput with Dodeca series.  He covers focus calculations and relational database input.

Kyle continues his bromance with Jake over a in2hyperion.  Kidding…kidding.

Vijay has some great automation samples doing exports with variables.  This should come in handy for some automated backups.  It also sounds like he has more coming soon.

Robert combines some FDMEE, MaxL, and Jython for those needing to do data clearing in ASO models.


ODTUG announced a competition this week.  For those of us real geeks out there, they have a competition work of the maker community.  You can find the announcement here.  You can find the competition website here.  And finally, you can register for a lunch and learn this Friday, July 29th at noon CST here.  And a quick re-cap:

GeekAThon Announcement

GeekAThon Competition Website

GeekAThon Lunch and Learn Webinar Registration

Now go build something awesome!

Finals Words

That’s it for this week!  We’ll keep going with Monday posts as they seem to be working out pretty well.

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