Weekly Offenders – Week Ending 8/3/2017?

Introduction to Weekly Offenders

This week was so light, I thought I would wait a few days to see if we might get a few more contributions.  We finally had a few more posts, so here goes!

Weekly Offenders - Kscope17

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron has a post about his guest post on Mark Rittman’s site.  Check out the actual post here.

EPM Junkie

Keith has a very interesting post on installing the EPM stack on Linux with SQL Server…for Linux.  What?!

Essbase Down Under

Peter continues where he left off with the REST API for PBCS.

Glenn Schwartzberg’s Essbase Blog

Glenn takes on the question of commentary in Essbase.  He uses Linked Reporting Objects in OAC.  I find it extremely interesting that OAC supports LRO’s as I thought they were being depricated.

Jason’s Hyperion Blog

Jason gives us a post about time period conversion using Drillbridge.  I need to get back to doing some Drillbridge blog posts…

More to Life…

John Goodwin shows us how to create a custom scheduler for FDMEE.  This should help with some of the shortcomings of the stock solution.

Oracle Business Analytics – Proactive Support Blog

The Proactive Support Blog has posted a variety of patches, mostly for cloud services:

The Unlocked Cube

Vijay has a post showing us how to restart the ODI Standalone Agent with a Groovy script.  Cool stuff.  Pete also contributes to the same site and has a post on JavaScript and DRM.

Be On the Lookout!

That’s it for this week!  Be on the lookout for more great EPM Blog content next week!

Weekly Offenders – Week Ending 7/22/2017
North Texas Hyperion User Group Meeting Next Week


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