Weekly Offenders – Week Ending 7/15/2017

Introduction to Weekly Offenders

This week was a bit busier than last week.  We even had a few more posts about Kscope17 this week.  What new this week?

Weekly Offenders - Kscope17

Adeshek EPM

Gary has a pair of posts this week.  First, he went and started his own Oracle User group for the Detroit Area (DOUG).  He also dives head-first into the Essbase behind Oracle’s cloud ERP.

EPM Marshall

I continued my series focusing on Essbase Performance.  This week we started talking about physical vs. virtual Essbase performance.

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin started off the week with a post about keeping your downstream systems in mind when making changes.  He then has a post re-capping his series on Universal Data Access in FDMEE.

More to Life…

John Goodwin has an excellent post showing off the new clearcube functionality in EPM Automate and the REST API for PBCS.  Finally…ASO clears can be executed via batch!

Oracle Business Analytics – Proactive Support Blog

The Proactive Support Blog brings us news of just one on-prem patch this week.  Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision has been released.  Perhaps this is exciting to someone?

The blog also provides us with news of an HFM patch (  While a variety of new features are listed, they are generic to the .2xx series of HFM patches.  This appears to be mostly bug fixes.

Oracle – Hyperion Labs

Celvin had a busy week starting off with a re-cap of Kscope17.  He then takes a detour away from Oracle in general and focuses on an OLAP tool named Mondrian (Open Source ROLAP tool).  Pretty neat.   Finally, he also has a post about new PBCS features.  The focuses on the ability to actually get audit information from PBCS.  I just recently mentioned in a demo that we had been waiting for this…now I can demo it!

Real Tri Geek

Sarah has a pair of posts this week starting out with a post on understanding Candlestick graphs.  She continues on this theme and also tells us how to read and understand Box Plots.

Tim Tow’s Hyperion Blog

Tim tells us how to get TLS 1.2. working on Java 1.6 (the version that ships with Oracle’s EPM stack).  Pretty interesting.  For those of you wondering what TLS 1.2 is…it’s basically a more recent version of SSL.

Woman in EPM

Opal is back this week with a pair of posts.  First she has a quick tip on restarting your Essbase Cloud instance.  She finishes out our week in review with her re-cap of Kscope17.

Be On the Lookout!

That’s it for this week!  Be on the lookout for more great EPM Blog content next week!

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