Weekly Offenders – Kscope17 Edition

Introduction to Weekly Offenders

I had a lot of luck doing a weekly update about the blogging community in the Oracle EPM space.  You may have all noticed that I had a lot less luck doing a monthly update.  I found that everyone posts too much content to keep up with doing an update just once a month.  So…back to weekly!  Now that Kscope17 is in the rear-view mirror, I can finally get back to bogging more regularly.  As part of that, the week in review is back!  To keep with the corny theme of my newly branded website, welcome to the first in a weekly series I’m naming Weekly Offenders.  For the first post back, we’ll put particular emphasis on Kscope17-related blog posts.  Let’s get started!

Weekly Offenders - Kscope17

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron has a LOT of posts regarding Kscope17.  Thanks for the coverage!

EPM Junkie

Keith also has a lot of posts about Kscope17.  He also sneaks in a post about splitting multi-period load riles into single period load files:

EPM Marshall

I had a pair of posts this week.  First a quick wrap-up of Kscope17…and then the introduction of my EssBench project.

Eric Erikson’s Oracle HFM and FCCS Blog

Eric was at Kscope17…but instead he posted about FCCS!  Specifically, he shows us how to replace your logo.  At least he used a Kscope17 logo?

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin has a pair of non-Kscope17 posts.  First he covers connecting to Oracle databases using FDMEE.  While on the topic of FDMEE, he also goes into importing adapters.

Glenn Schwartzberg’s Essbase Blog

Glen discusses Kscope17 while blogging about Smart View and issues related to Office 2016.  He gives us a nice round-up of Oracle articles about the topic.

The Hyperion Doctor

Ludovic has a pair of posts about Kscope17 as well:

The I.T. Side

Eric has a post on two divergent topics.  He covers the future of On-Prem and then…talks about SaaS products coming from Oracle in the Data and Meta-Data Management space.  On a more Kscope17 related not, be sure to congratulate Eric on winning a Best Speaker aware for Business Content.  Congrats Eric!  I guess you didn’t need more gong after all. 😉

More to Life…

John Goodwin doesn’t let Kscope17 taking place get in the way of more great content.  He starts off with a continuation of his EPM Cloud series on Managing Application with Smart View.  He also gives us a public service announcement about the new patch and new behavior that has been included.

Only Hyperion

Dayalan has a post about using substitution variables in a direct page link to a form or dashboard.  I love stuff like this…

The Unlocked Cube

Last…but not least, Vijay has a piece on using ODI to import data from Essbase produced using a calculation script.  I feel like I’ve noticed this before…but I was never smart enough to write it down.  Thanks for the reminder that hopefully Google will find for me next time!

Be On the Lookout!

That’s it for this week!  Be on the lookout for more great EPM Blog content next week!

Introducing: EssBench
Happy Independence Day!

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