Weekly Offenders – Kscope17/Holiday Hangover Edition

Introduction to Weekly Offenders

Last week I started by up my weekly review of EPM blogging.  There was quite a bit of content with Kscope17 having just finished up and everyone seemed excited to contribute to the community.  Between the holidays and everyone recovering from Kscope…last week wasn’t nearly as productive.  However, it was an odd week with a holiday in the middle of the week.  And luckily, Oracle had a few on-prem patching to keep things interesting.  Here we go!

Weekly Offenders - Kscope17

Adeshek EPM

Gary has a PSA for us regarding Smart View in Office 2016.  Microsoft broke something…

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron wrapped up his coverage of Kscope17.  He takes a lot more pictures than I do…I should work on that.

The EPM Lab

The EPM Lab is a new addition to my EPM Blog List.  Jun has a post this week showing off the new Strategic Modeling portion of EPBCS.

EPM Marshall

I had a pair of posts this week.  First I wished everyone in America a Happy Independence Day.  Next, I posted my first set of actual Essbase benchmarks since releasing EssBench.

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin has a pair post again this week.  He first discusses the configuration of FDMEE using an Oracle DB table as a source.  Next, he continues down the Oracle DB and FDMEE path by showing us how to create an import format and actually load some data into the workbench.

Oracle Business Analytics – Proactive Support Blog

The Proactive Support Blog brings us news of a few on-prem patches this week.  First, we have an update to Hyperion Financial Reports.  The patch appears to solve a number of defects, but I don’t see any new functionality.  As with all future FR patches, Oracle reminds us that the desktop Financial Reporting Studio is dead.

The blog also provides us with news of an HFM patch (  While a variety of new features are listed, they are generic to the .2xx series of HFM patches.  This appears to be mostly bug fixes.

Oracle – Hyperion Labs

Celvin takes an in-depth look at some of the Simplified User Interface (SUI) features in PBCS.  He touches the new dimension editor and composite forms in navigation flows.

Be On the Lookout!

That’s it for this week!  Be on the lookout for more great EPM Blog content next week!

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Essbase Performance: Part 7 – Physical vs. Virtual – Native Loads

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