The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending June 18, 2016

This week was again on the slower side.  Opal tried to make up for it all on her own…

Patches and Updates:


New Blog Posts:

This week I continued my Essbase performance series with another set of baseline benchmarks.  After Kscope I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to continuing this series.  I also created a new page dedicated to providing a list of bloggers and blogs in the EPM community.

Gary shows us around the Essbase 12 docs.  An interesting read, though I’m not sure I agree with all of his conclusions.

Jason talk about spreadsheet management.  He has some great thoughts on how spreadsheets themselves are not necessarily the problem, but rather how we manage those spreadsheets.  Planning helps in one way while Dodeca helps in another.

Dmitry has perhaps the longest blog post of all time.  While it may be long, it is definitely worth the read as he describes how to use Essbase with a statistical application named R.  Very, very interesting stuff.

Dayalan has an in-depth article on installing on Windows 2012.  He covers Planning, Essbase, R&A, and FDMEE.  I get the impression he might be covering DRM next.

John Goodwin gives us part three of his DRM and FDMEE series.  I know a lot of us have met him, but are we sure he is just one guy?  Are there John Goodwin clones running around learning things for him?  Seriously…

Cameron shares his “must see” sessions at Kscope16.  One day I’ll make the list…oh who am I kidding.

Harry has yet another beta release of his web-based Essbase interface.  This thing keeps getting cooler and cooler.  This time has added ad-hoc grid creation and modification for end-users.

And now on to Opal, who decided to do a seven-day series on EPBCS.  That’s seven blog posts in seven days…nice job Opal.  Great content…and lots of it!

Other News:

Not that you could, but don’t forget about Kscope16!  This time next week the EPM world will descend on Chicago.  Watch out Chicago!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!

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