The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending July 16, 2016

This week, Oracle was kind enough to give us a few patches while the EPM community in general is still recovering from Kscope16.  We still have some great content this week, so let’s check it out.

Patches and Updates:

HFM was released.  This appears to be general bug fixes.

Speaking of bug fixes, Essbase was released.  No new functionality, but hopefully your bug was included.

For the shrinking population of customers, the Tax Provision patch was released.

Gary has another new release of his SV++ tool.  Check it out here.

New Blog Posts:

I posted a tip on reloading the Planning cache without requiring a restart.  Pretty cool tip…wish I had figured it out.  Special thanks again to Tjien Lie for providing the code!

Sibin tells us all about handling NULL values in FDMEE.  While on the subject of FDMEE, he also provides us a magic decoder ring for multi-period log files.

Jason has a pair of posts as he continues his on-going series on Dodeca.  He has part 3 of this series, and a related post about relational data.

Pete has a wrap-up of Kscope16, but more importantly, he shows off an awesome new feature in PBCS: automatically updated smart lists based on dimensions.  I can’t wait to see this one on-prem.  Luckily I have more and more cloud clients so I get to play with this stuff.

Sarah as a great introduction to BICS.  This starts from the very beginning…the login screen!  She continues on to the home dashboard.

Speaking of Sarah, she gets a shout-out from the DEVEPM crew.  They have a post dedicated to the ODTUG Leadership Program.

More cloud functionality that doesn’t work on-prem yet is brought to you by John Goodwin.   He has a post on loading non-numerical data using FDMEE.  I know I say this every time…but great stuff!

Doug has a recap of CloudScope…I mean Kscope16.  He also discusses the roadmap to FDMEE. <<SAFE HARBOR>>

Gary has a pair of posts this week.  He started with some Smart View performance tips that may help those of you using Office 2013 and 2016.  He also has a post on the previously mentioned new version of SV++.

Changing the Planning Repository without Restarting Planning
My First FreeNAS: Part 1 – Build and Burn-In

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