The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending April 2, 2016

The EPM community never seems to slow down with providing great content.

Patches and Updates:

Essbase has been released.  It has not yet hit the Proactive Support Blog.  So here it is:

Essbase Server PSU 22674292

Essbase RTC PSU 22674308

Essbase Client PSU 22674304

Essbase Client MSI PSU 22814465

It says this:

“Essbase Administration Services, Provider Services, and Essbase Studio are supported for use with Essbase”

But…I can’t actually find those.  So if you happen to be able to find those, drop me a line.  Perhaps this is why it isn’t on the Proactive Support Blog yet?

New Blog Posts:

This week I covered upper-level drill-through using Drillbridge.  I really like this product more the more I use it.  I’m currently working on several more posts around advanced functionality and comparing the free version to the enterprise version.

Francisco tells us that hard-coding passwords is bad and shows us how to take care of the problem.

Summer tells us about a random date issue in Planning.

Henri shows us how to get back some of the functionality from the HFM Copy Utility in

Cameron continues his series on PBCS in Part 9: EPM Automate.

Interested in a career in ETL?  Probably not if you read my blog…but just in case, the DEVEPM guys have a presentation coming up next week on just that topic.

Dayalan shows us how to change the default number of columns and rows loaded in Planning and PBCS.

Celvin give the community a heart-felt thank you after his well-deserved upgrade to Oracle ACE Director status.   Personally, if I make it to director level, I’m finding a newspaper that still actually prints papers and taking out a giant advertisement.  But his post is far classier.

Doug and Joe demonstrate how easy it is to copy data from HFM to Planning using FDMEE.  I’ll be trying this on my home lab soon.

Opal gives us a little more information about FCCS now that it has made its way to Oracle site.  Ringing in at $250 per user per month, it is the most expensive of the Oracle EPM Cloud offerings so far.

Drillbridge: Enabling Upper Level Drill-through
Parallel SQL Server Data Loads with ASO Essbase

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