New Year, New Blog Posts

It’s been a little longer than I would like between posts lately, but with the holidays..that’s life.  The good news is that I’ve been doing plenty of work, just nothing post-worthy.  So what are some of the accomplishments that didn’t merit a post but should result in a ton of content:

  • Added a new server to the lab to both add capacity and allow for some initial physical versus virtual performance testing and tuning (update to the lab page coming)
  • Began the process of upgrading to VMware ESXi 6.0
  • Began upgrading the processors on the main ESXi box to Xeon E5-2670’s (8-core/16-thread)
  • Upgraded VMware vSphere to 6.0.
  • Was notified that I will be speaking at Kscope16 (seven years in a row as a KScope presenter!)
  • Began preparing a ton of content for the new year

And on that note, I have a ton of interesting (at least to me) content coming up this year:

  • Continue the Planning Repository series
  • Continue the Powershell series
  • New series on Building Your Own Hyperion Lab (more hardware focused, less software focused)
  • New series on Performance Tuning Essbase (more software implementation of the hardware side)
  • Any other fun topics that pop up or any questions I get from colleagues and readers

That’s it for now.  Look for more updates hopefully on a more frequent basis now that we are past the holidays.  And finally…Happy Belated New Year!

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