Kscope18 Recap and Presentations – Take 2

So…I posted my presentations here, but then forgot to update them on the Kscope18 site.  So, if you prefer to get them from the Kscope18 site, they should now be updated to the same version as below.  Also, there was another Kscope18 recap, so I thought I would mention here as well.

Kscope18 Recaps

Kscope18 Presentations

And just in case you would rather get them from the US-Analytics site…here they are:

ASO and BSO and Hybrid! Oh My!

I’ll say that this presentation left me a little unnerved.  I’ve never had a presentation with so few questions.  We had questions at the end, but very few if any during the presentation.

Teaching On-Prem Planning Some PBCS Tricks

This presentation was actually sited as a “featured presentation” by ODTUG.  So…no pressure.  I actually felt much better about this presentation simply because there were a ton of questions.  And they were really, really great questions.

Wrap Up

Overall, Kscope18 was a great experience, as always.  This was my 9th Kscope in a row.  I am really hoping to have a presentation selected next year to make it an even 10 years!  So…hopefully I’ll see everyone next year in Seattle!




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