Hyperion EPM Week In Review: September 8, 2016

Welcome to a really late Hyperion week in review…but hey there was a holiday.  This week we have a broken Essbase patch along with a lot of great blogging content.Hyperion EPM Week In Review

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:

First off, Essbase has been released.  Sadly, if you use encrypted MaxL commands…they broke this.  So stay away from this patch if you require that functionality!

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:

Eric helps everyone get ready for Oracle Open World which is coming up in just over a week.  He has a great summary of all of the Hyperion EPM and Oracle BI related sessions that you might find interesting.

Cameron has a great post from his guest blogger Igor Slutskiy.  He covers using Cell Text data from Planning in OBIEE.  This involves some relational wizardry including use of my favorite relational database:  The Planning Repository.  Cameron also has his own post about a Smart View survey.  Do you use it?! He also has a post about his (and Tim’s) meetup at Oracle Open World.  I’m a regular attendee at his (and Natalie’s) Kscope meetup, but I won’t be at OOW, so have some fun for me.

Sibin had a busy week with a pair of posts.  First he talked about the need for Identity Domains.  Next he has a cool new utility to parse Planning (and PBCS) meta-data.  For those of us missing EAS in the new Cloud world, this could be useful.

Gary walks us through his complex Studio Drill-Through implementation.  Very interesting.  I still prefer DrillBridge, but that’s just me. 😉  He also has a PSA regarding new Smart View installations.  I’ve not seen this problem happen yet, but definitely worth a read so that if/when it happens to you, you know how to fix it.

Glenn takes us through FCCS from an Essbase perspective.  I found this interesting and as an Essbase and Planning guy, I find FCCS interesting given its foundation.

Celvin also has a pair of posts this week.  He starts with the mother of all CDF’s.  I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m excited to!  Next up he takes a look at finding all of your formulas buried in your financial reports.

Opal has a pair of quick tipes for the cloud.  First she shows us how to fix the fun an exciting connection error problem when you are going from one cloud pod to another.  Next she walks us through connected to FR in the Cloud using the installed FR Studio.

Kyle shares some extremely useful PowerShell scripts for splitting data files.  I’m a huge PowerShell fan, so I really enjoy content like this.

Harry has a follow-up to his prior post on pulling Essbase data in Power Query.  This reminds me of my Analysis Services days writing applications to pull multi-dimensional data with XML/A.  It sucks for MSAS too Harry, it’s not just an Essbase problem!

Wayne takes us on a tour of BICS Deliveries.  For the EPM people out there…think of it like FR Batches, but for BI!


Another quick shout out for the ODTUG GeekAThon.  For those of us real geeks out there, they have a competition worthy of the maker community.  You can find the announcement here.  You can find the competition website here.  And a quick re-cap:

GeekAThon Announcement

GeekAThon Competition Website

A few important dates for those of you interested:

You must register by August 15, 2016, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

You must submit your video entry by September 23, 2016, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

You must submit your solution document by September 23, 2016, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

And for those of you who need a visual to assist in your procrastination, the red are the days past as of this post.  The green is the day you should be ready for, but will likely need to work right up until 11:59 to meet. 😉


One last thing…they have officially announced prizes.  Now go build something awesome!

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