Hyperion EPM Week In Review: September 30, 2016

You know you are running late on your Hyperion EPM Week in Review when someone asks you about in on a phone call…  It’s been about 10 days since my last week in review, so welcome to this weeks “Hyperion EPM 10 Days in Review.”
Hyperion EPM Week In Review

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:

Hyperion Financial Reports has been released.  Looks like mostly bug fixes.

The October updates for the cloud will start flowing out next Friday!  We have PBCS updates-a-plenty.  You can read more about those here.  We also have some ARCS updates that you can read about here.  Finally, we have FCCS updates that you can read about here.

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:

We’ll start off with a post from Robert on the death of on-prem!  Well, it may be more of a question, but he has a great headline.

Summer has a post about the cloud and how to support your applications.  Managed services are becoming far more popular as it becomes more difficult and expensive to find an admin.

Dayalan has his third part of his Essbase Web Services series.  He covers the admin services portion of the web service.  He then follows that up with part four covering the Datasource Service.

Christian has a post regarding some settings in the BIOS to improve performance in Essbase.  Definitely an interesting post.  Obviously hyper-threading is bad and he also found that working with memory interleaving can help.

Glenn has a quick post on some Excel Add-In’s that cause odd behavior with Smart View.  I’m excited to hear more.  He also has a post on migrating from EIS to Studio.  I would just convert things back to a normal build and use DrillBridge personally.

I covered the next part in my series on FreeNAS.  I also spent some time with network storage getting ready for my Essbase benchmarks.

Sibin has several posts again this week.  First he covers Category Mappings in FDMEE.  Next he moves on to the Open Interface in FDMEE.  After that he covers the DATAEXPORT command in Essbase.  Finally he covers more information on the Open Interface Adapter.

Tim has some more information about Essbase Cloud Services.  This should be an interesting read if you haven’t heard much yet.

John Goodwin has a part one of a series covering Oracle’s REST Data Services and how to integrate that with the EPM stack.  Good read…very in-depth.  Not to be outdone by himself, he gives us part two as well.

Jason has a funny post about TBC going bankrupt.  Give it a minute and it will make sense.

Will has a post about some new features in DRG: Workflow Task Calculate Name and Calculate Parent.

Henri has a great post on the HFM Java API.  More parts are coming and I can’t wait to read them.

Opal talks a lot about FCCS and where she thinks development is heading.  This is a good read and FCCS is definitely going to open up a lot of new opportunities in our EPM market.

Gary has a collection of highlights from the Oracle docs to help everyone out with Smart View.  As more of us are forced to give up the Excel add-in, this will become more and more important.

Cameron really wants to you join ODTUG.   I’m a member…are you?  ODTUG brings us Kscope and a whole host of other important activities, so go become a paying member!

Oracle OpenWorld Coverage

OpenWorld was last week  I’ve recapped all of the blogging here by person including prior posts to have a complete list of coverage.




Kscope 17 Abstracts

Friendly reminder to those of you interested in presenting at Kscope17 next year…the deadline is rapidly approaching with just two weeks left.  That’s right, the deadline is October 14!  Go submit some abstracts!

Essbase Performance: Part 4 – Network Storage (CDM)
Essbase Performance: Part 5 – Network Storage (Anvil)

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