Hyperion EPM Month in Review: January 2017

HyperionEPM.com Month in Review

Welcome to the second installment of the Hyperion EPM Month in Review.  This month was pretty busy with 44 contributions by the community (45 if you include this post).

Adashek EPM

Gary has a quick update letting us know that the Smart View has been released.

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron has a pair of posts this month.  First he held Chris Rothermel hostage until he created a post that shows us how to delete multiple files with EPM Automate.  Next up, he shows us around the new EPM Cloud Documentation Portal.


The DEV EPM crew starts off 2017 with a post covering 2016.  They also tell us that they will be at Kscope17!  They also have an OTN article on Building a 100% Cloud Solution with Oracle Data Integrator.

Eric Erikson’s Oracle HFM and FCCS Blog

Eric gives us a look at the new Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service.  On the other end of the spectrum, he has a post about locking entities.  This is a functional and technical question all rolled into one.

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin had another busy month of blogging.  I wish I had the time or energy to blog as much as he does!  He starts off the year talking about text members in Hyperion Planning.  He then runs us through his experience using SQL Data Load Rules in Essbase and the error he encountered with Oracle DB.  He also takes a look at the backend repository for Shared Services.  Sibin also put together a cool Essbase log parsing shell.  He then covers FDMEE logic accountstwice.  Finally, he has a post on installing the Hyperion EPM stack on Linux.

Glenn Schwartzberg’s Essbase Blog

Glenn has an interesting post about FCCS and issues relating to data storage.  This particular issue is not unique to just FCCS.  I’ve had this exact issue occur one time before on a PBCS implementation as well.

Hyperion EPM

I started the year off with a few posts.  First I wished everyone a very belated Happy New Year.  Then I started the new EPM Month in Review series with the December 2016 update.  I will also be at Kscope17!  I also started a new series talking about what’s up in my lab.  And lastly, and most importantly, the next NTxHUG Meeting has been announced for February 16th.

Jason’s Hyperion Blog

Jason clearly has too much time on his hands like Sibin, giving us five blog posts this month!  First, he shows off some Dodeca skills by having multiple Essbase sources in a view.  Next up, he talks about renegade members in Essbase.  He also has an update to his Hyperion Parent Inferrer app.  Chris clearly made an impact with his post on Cameron’s blog, as Jason had to go and do his very own post on the topic from another angle: deleting multiple files from PBCS using EPM Automate PBJ.  He finishes off the month with a post on Drillbridge and query translation.

More to life than this…

John continues his awesome content to start off the year the way he ended it.  He has part two of his series on FDMEE and the REST API.  He also started a new series on the FDMEE Hybrid update.

Fishing with FDMEE

Francisco gives us part two of his series on the patch for FDMEE.  He has a three-part series on the UDA for SAP HANA: part 1, part 2, and part 3.  He also has a great extension to John Goodwin’s series on FDMEE and the REST API.  He shows us how to execute custom scripts with the REST API in FDMEE.

Only Hyperion

Dayalan has a post showing the new functionality added to the PBCS Access logs.  Looks like you can now download daily logs.  Cool advances in the cloud.  He also tells us a little about the 17.02 patch for PBCS that his this Friday (in test).

Oracle – Hyperion Labs

Celvin has a new multi-part series this month on Groovy in PBCS and On-Prem Planning.  Here are part 1 and part 2.

Real Tri Geek

Sarah takes a look at a cool new Oracle tool named Synopsis.  She gives us part one her on-going series showing off this new mobile tool for analyzing CSV and Excel files on the go.  She also takes a look at the new Quadrant Visualization plug-in for ODV.

The I.T. Side

Eric gives us the heads up on a variet of upcoming events and webinars.

Tim Tow’s Hyperion Blog

Tim tells us that the Oracle Essbase Cloud Service (EssCS) webinar is now available.  Apparently the soon part of coming soon is getting sooner…

What if the world is a prototype?

Christian has released a new version of his Tools-EPM utility for Linux and Unix!  Previously this was only available for Windows.

Woman in EPM

Opal has a pair of posts this week.  First she has a quick tip on Financial Reports that don’t appear after migration.  She also has a big thank you to the 2016 ODTUG Marketing Committee.  We all appreciate the efforts of all of the committees that make ODTUG a great community with many great events and contributions.

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