The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending May 21, 2016

This week was a little slow, much like last week.  Unfortunately, Oracle didn’t have any new product releases to keep things interesting.

Patches and Updates:


New Blog Posts:

This week I STILL didn’t manage to get a post in.  I promise that will change next week…i have one ready to go, I just want to add one more thing to it.

Vijay shows us how to use Dynamic SQL in ODI.  I don’t know that anything in ODI is simple, as he suggests.

Opal has a quick tip for Oracle cloud users.  Everything you ever wanted to know about changing your password.

Cameron gives us the last in his 15 part series on PBCS.  This one covers batch automation and compares PBCS to on-prem.

Jason shows off a feature in Dodeca that we all hope one days makes it to Planning.  Dependent Selectors!  Come on Oracle, catch up to Tim Tow!

Gary shows us some screenshots of what he thinks might be a next iteration of EAS.  I’ve heard rumors that we will see EAS in Essbase Cloud Servers…and that we won’t.  Maybe we will…kind of?  Who knows as I also hear it has been delayed yet again!

Other News:

Kscope presentations must be uploaded by May 28th or you will lose your free registration and your speaking slot.  They mean it!  Handy links:

Kscope16 Slide Template (PPT)

Instructions on Uploading Your Presentation (PDF)

Required Opening and Closing Slides (PNG)

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