The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending May 14, 2016

This week we are a bit more timely!  It does however seem that everyone is preparing their 1st drafts for Kscope, as it was a really slow blogging week.  Luckily, Oracle offset that slowness with the release of two new products in the cloud.

Patches and Updates:

Oracle has finally released Enterprise Planning Cloud (formerly ePBCS).  This is PBCS with all of the modules that we’ve had on-prem for a long time.  Except…it isn’t.  They have taken all of our modules and attempted to wizardize them.  More on this soon.

Oracle also released Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (formerly FCCS).  This is not HFM in the cloud, but an entirely new tool, based on Essbase that can be used for consolidations.

New Blog Posts:

I didn’t manage to get a post in this week as I’ve been heads down on both a metric ton of client work, and laying the foundation for a new blog series.  More on this next week…

Gary has a pair of posts this week.  First, a post on using VBA to get a member formula.  Second, a look at the new Financial Reports patch that just release (.701).

Christian gives us some code to get rid of an orphaned EPMA application.  I may use the code to delete EPMA applications out of principle, orphaned or not.

Speaking of new cloud releases from Oracle, Opal has some great thoughts about these releases.

Cameron has two posts, one by Cameron about LCM in PBCS and one by guest blogger Chris Rothermel about data loads in PBCS.

Like I said…slow week.  Shoot me a note if I missed a post!

Other News:

This week, we had another North Texas Oracle EPM Lunch.  We had nine people attend and we had a great time.  We are going to try to make this a bi-monthly meet-up.  Join the meet-up group to make sure that you hear about the next one!

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