The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending March 12, 2016

Another busy week…maybe not as busy as last week.

Patches and Updates:

Oracle released Account Reconciliation Cloud Services (ARCS).  PBCS finally has a cloud-based sibling.

Oracle has officially posted the landing page for another PBCS sibling…Enterprise PBCS.  While it is not yet available, it does have pricing information.

Jason released version 1.5.5 of Drillbridge, now under the Applied OLAP license and with a few bug fixes.

New Blog Posts:

This week, I blogged about Drillbridge and then Drillbridge again.

Doug and Brian have started a series on Migrating from FDM to FDMEE: Into, FDM Migration Utility System Requirements, FDM Migration Utility Secret Sauce.

Opal walks us through the new FR Web Studio.  She also reminds us that PBCS requires Adobe Flash to properly use Calculation Manager (because sometimes Oracle thinks it’s still the early 2000’s).

Another FDMEE post from Dayalan discussing end-user access.

Eric has an introduction to the aforementioned ARCS here.

My long-time colleague at US-Analytics, Terry, provides a tutorial on PSE 22506614.  Clearly we need to work on his blog titles…

Another FDMEE post, this time from John Goodwin (who knows everything…seriously…everything) continuing his deep dives into the various Web Services.

Will starts off a series on loading data into Planning using the Outline Load Utility with an introduction to encrypting your password.

Other News:

Microsoft announced that they will be bringing SQL Server to Linux.  No, it’s not April 1st, this is real.  Also, Hell has frozen over.

We had a good lunch gathering here in Dallas on Friday at Thai Star in Addison.  You can still join the MeetUp group here in case you missed this one but want to catch the next one.

ODTUG has announced the Hands On Training for KScope16.  Get all the details here.

Drillbridge Aquired by Applied OLAP and Community Edition 1.5.5 Released
Building a Hyperion Home Lab: The Build and Installing ESXi

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