The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending June 4, 2016

Patches and Updates:

Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System Version 7 has been released.  The new Dodeca Excel Add-In comes long for the ride.

Smart View is finally out!  It has a long list of changes.  If only the PBCS update was here to make the most of it…

New Blog Posts:

John Goodwin gives us a great post on FDMEE and DRM integration.  This is Part 1…so more greatness to come!

Vijay writes about Groovy, REST, and HPCM.  Groovy is pretty cool and now that HPCM has a REST API, this is a nice introduction to the combination.

Harry has another update to his web-based Essbase front-end.  You can now have multiple Essbase environments!

Cameron has a blog post about Hybrid Essbase and interacting with our friends at Oracle.  Check it out.  You will also see a link below about the survey.

Glenn talked about the DataExport command.  This is a great reference for how the format of the export file is actually derived (from your outline) and can be modified (with data export options).

Gary has a great bit of information about a new feature in the patch for Essbase.  We can finally use MDX queries to pull data from Essbase in a usable format!  I’ll be trying this out soon, I’m sure.

A different Gary broke the news that the version of Smart View had been released.  Thanks for the heads up!

Opal has a quick tip for those of us with multiple cloud instances.  Since everything is labeled PBCS, this is definitely useful.  Hopefully Oracle will fix this in the near future…maybe in the June July update.

Other News:

Jon Booth, Tim German, Mike Nader, and Cameron Lackpour are conducting an online survey about Essbase Hybrid.  Be sure to head over here and fill it out.

Kscope16 Advance Registration Ends on June 9th!

Komal Goyal has been named the ODTUG 2016 Women in Technology Scholar.  Congrate Komal!

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