The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending July 9, 2016

Welcome to the week after Kscope.  This week brings us a lot of posts about Kscope16 (including mine!).  There were even a few posts not about Kscope.  This is also my first Week in Review that will be posted on Monday rather than over the weekend.  It has been suggested that posting on Monday will increase the overall visibility of the content for everyone, so we’ll see how it goes!

Patches and Updates:

DRM and DRM Analytics have been released.  This seems to be primarily bug fixes.

Gary also updated his SV ++ enhanced ribbon interface for Smart View.  Definitely worth a look.

New Blog Posts:

This week I have a post about Kscope16 (like everyone else) and also I’m showing off my new Oracle rack.  I’m pretty excited about this rack (I hear you snickering over that statement…get your mind out of the gutter!).

The DEVEPM crew has some nice words about Kscope16.

John Goodwin has posted the fourth and final part to his FDMEE and DRM integration series.  The whole series is definitely worth a read.

Christian has an awesome tutorial on deploying the Planning utilities on a system other than your Planning server.  I’ve often thought that there must be a way to do this as well…glad Christian figured it out.  This opens up a whole host of automation consolidation for Planning customers.

Cameron has part 1 and part 2 of his Kscope16 review in the form of photos.  He has made it through Monday night so far.

Sibin has a good tip on why your Workspace is missing all of your installed applications.  Don’t forget to deploy then to the workspace server!

Opal has two updates this week.  First, she has her all-inclusive single post on Kscope16.  Then she has a post on backups and software updates in the Oracle EPM Cloud.

Celvin has a first look at using attributes in PBCS.  As of the July update, everyone should have these and he shows us how to use them with suppress missing to gain some additional form-building power.  He also has a great post on how to push options to all of your Smart View users during the install.  Have I mentioned lately how awesome Celvin is?  If not…Celvin is…awesome.

Jason joins a group of us last week with more than one blog post.  He has a two-part series on data input with Dodeca: part 1, part 2.  Did everyone get their Dodeca water bottle this year at Kscope?  I have it on a shelf next to my Dodeca water bottle from last year. 😉

Vijay has some excellent content about using Groovy and the REST API’s with HPCM.  I always love a good code snippet.

That’s it for this week!  We’ll see how the Monday thing works out.  Hopefully it leads to more consumption of the great content our community continues to produce!

Kscope16 is over…Kscope17 is coming!
Changing the Planning Repository without Restarting Planning

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