The EPM Week In Review: Week Ending April 16, 2016

This was a shorter week for me (vacation), so I may have missed some things.  If so, let me know so that I can update this post!

Patches and Updates:

The Tax Governance Patch has arrived.  This one is totally out of my wheelhouse, so good luck!

Speaking of things out of my wheelhouse, the Disclosure Management patch is out as well this week.  Again…good luck.

Now back to my wheelhouse.  Less than a week following the patch, the Essbase patch has dropped.  This looks to be pretty straight forward.  The version reporting seems to be the most consistent thing across the various readme’s.  I guess I’ll skip .008 in my lab as I didn’t even have time to deploy it yet.

New Blog Posts:

This week I blogged about nothing!  Gasp…we’ll see if I can fix this before the week is over.

Jake shows us an awesome way to set up PBCS test accounts.  I didn’t know that gmail could do that!

I mentioned Harry’s web-based interface for Essbase last week.  This week he is opening the product up for beta users.  E-mail him to get your copy for testing.  I know I will.

Summer actually received useful assistance from Oracle Support.  Check out her post about run-time prompts and calculate form options.  Next up…pink unicorns with rainbows…sorry Oracle.  Just kidding.  I get help from Oracle Support all the time.

Christian shows us how to install EPM Maestro.  I’m not an HFM guy, outside of extracting data from it for nefarious Planning and Essbase purposes, but the post is thorough and well-written.  So if HFM is your thing, check it out!

Vinjay shows us how to use external sources for a lookup property in DRM.  Because not everything has to exist in DRM.

Tim shows us a method for generating test hierarchies of a certain size.  I generally use my handy-dandy SQL data generator for something like this, but this is a cool free way to get there.

Keith explains a method for parallel ODI execution.  Cool stuff if ODI is your cup of tea.

The Baroness PM talks a bit about the new ODTUG careers initiative.  Check it out if you are interested in a career in EPM (or already have one).

Other News:

Collaborate 16 happened this week.  I’ve never actually been, but as a ODTUG member, I believe KScope to be superior. 😉

Opal just published her first book:  Look Smarter Than You Are with Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud.  Normally I wouldn’t post a competitor’s website, but since it happens to be Opal…I’ll make an exception.  Congrats Opal!

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