Quick Links

I spend a lot of time in Oracle docs…a lot.  Yet somehow I always Google it.  No more!  Here are some direct links to the Oracle EPM Documentation that I use the most for all of the versions available:

Full DocsEssbase Tech RefEssbase DBAGPlanning Admin GuideHFM Admin GuideFDMEE



This is where you can find all of this on the Oracle site itself:

Documentation on the Oracle Site

There are also a variety of links that I use going from environment to environment.  Workspace, EAS Web Console, Etc:

DescriptionStandard LinkOther Common Ports
EAS Web Consolehttp://[servername]:10080/easconsole/console.html
Smart View Shared Connectionshttp://[servername]:19000/workspace/SmartViewProviders80,443
Planning Simplified Interfacehttp://[servername]:8300/HyperionPlanning/
Financial Reports Mobile Interfacehttp://[servername]:19000/hr/mobile/HRMobileLogon.jsp80,443