This page is dedicated to providing a final resting place for any of my presentations.  If you have seen me present something and it doesn’t make it here, just drop me a line and I’ll make sure I upload it here.  Many of these had demo’s and other files, so if you’d like more information, again, just drop me a line.

Kscope 2010 (Washington, DC)

Essbase Custom Defined Functions: The Hidden Gem

HFM Extended Analytics Integration with ASO Essbase

OUAG ConnectionPoint 2010 (DFW)

Advanced Essbase Solutions

Kscope 2011 (Longbeach)

Hyperion Planning:  Making Use of the Repository (Query Addendum)

Kscope 2012 (San Antonio)

Large Scale ASO:  Making Essbase Silky Smooth with Terabytes of Data

Opening Pandora’s Box:  The Planning Repository (Query Addendum)

ODTUG Hyperion SIG February 2012 (DFW)

Essbase Analytics Link for HFM…More than an Extended Analytics Replacement

Kscope 2013 (New Orleans)

Essbase Analytics Link – The Magic Decoder Ring

From Essbase Developer to Planning Developer (Paper)

Kscope 2014 (Seattle)

Essbase and HFM, A Real-World Guide to Extended Analytics and Essbase Analytics Link

Essbase Can’t Handle That! Or Can It? A Guide to Large-Scale Essbase Implementations with ASO

Running with Scissors and Other Things You Shouldn’t Do With Hyperion Planning (Query Addendum)

Oracle EPM Day 2015 (DFW)

Improved Cash Forecasting with Hyperion Planning

Kscope 2015 (Hollywood, FL)

Cash Rich, Forecasting Poor

Voiding Your Warranty: The Planning Repository Exposed (Query Addendum)

Oracle EPM Day 2016 (DFW)

How to Succeed With Oracle PBCS

Kscope 2016 (Chicago)

PBCS Is Still Hyperion Planning (Coming Soon)

The Planning Repository Revisited: Beyond the Basics (Query Addendum) (Coming Soon)