PBCS March 2016 Update: FR Web Studio Is Almost Here

If you are a PBCS user, you should have gotten or will be getting an e-mail from Kash with the March release of PBCS. The headline to this release is the new Financial Reporting Web Studio. I’ll have a full post once the patch hits my PBCS test instance (very soon). In the meantime, have a look at the docs:


While we were all expecting the new web-based FR studio, I didn’t realize they were overhauling the charting engine.  It’s about time!  Here’s another doc on that:


One thing that I was hoping for but see no mention of…Attribute Dimensions.  I’m guessing we are waiting for a significant Smart View update for this to become a reality.  So we’ll continue waiting.  And just in case you haven’t gotten the e-mail yet or are just curious, here’s the actual release documentation from Oracle:


PowerShell and Hyperion: The Outline Load Utility
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  1. We were applied that patch and it caused issues in our environment. The patch made some of the menus disappear on PBCS.

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