Hyperion EPM Week In Review: October 7, 2016

This week we review our EPM week of only seven days, unlike the ten days of last week.  We had some great content, but no patches or updates.  Let’s get to it!
Hyperion EPM Week In Review

ODTUG Board of Directors

It’s that time of year.  Election season.  No, not THAT election.  The ODTUG Board of Directors election!  You can see the very long list of 16 nominees along with their campaign statements and bios here.  I urge you to pay special attention to Jake Turrell.  Jake has been contributing to the ODTUG community for as long as I can remember.  He has multiple best speaker awards and a great deal of passion for what we do.  He also has a fantastic blog that I reference multiple times a month.  I can’t imagine a better candidate for the ODTUG Board of Directors.  If Jake were more self-promoting, he would have let me put up an amazing campaign site.  But that’s not really his style, so I’ll leave it at this for now…VOTE FOR JAKE!!!

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:


No updates this week!

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:


Sibin had yet another busy week with four new posts.  He first brings us a blog about the back-end tables that store source system information in FDMEE.  I’m a sucker for looking under the covers of EPM products…  He then shows us how to export data to a relational table from Essbase directly with a calculation script.  This is a great tutorial, but I will note that I have seen very slow performance going direct to a relational destination versus just straight to a flat file.  Now that’s I’ve said that, I feel the need to benchmark it.  In the meantime, he has a follow-up on adding a timestamp to the export.  He finishes his week off with another post on calculation scripts in Essbase, specifically allocations.

Ricardo reminds us that the deadline for Kscope 17 abstracts is rapidly approaching.

I have a the fifth part of my Essbase performance series.  We’re getting dangerously close to real Essbase benchmarks.  Excited?  I am…

Jason has a pair of posts on Dodeca this week.  First he covers dynamic rolling quarters.  He then has an extremely detailed post on adding a username to a row during relational input.

Keith has a pair of posts this week as well.  Both of his involve Jython.  First he shows us how to install it and then he shows us how to debug it in ODI.

Eric has a pair of posts this week as well.  First he advertises tells us about Managed Oracle EPM Hosted Solutions.  Next he tells us that he is running for ODTUG Board of Directors.  I will say that his campaign site made me laugh.

Christian has released Tools-EPM.  This sounds like a cool command-line utility to make our lives easier.  I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I hope to eventually.

Opal went to the fair.  Not exactly EPM, but hey, it is an EPM blog normally.

Eric (Erikson, not Helmer) has a great post showing off the new charts in HFM data grids functionality.  Pretty pictures. 🙂

Kscope 17 Abstracts

Friendly reminder to those of you interested in presenting at Kscope17 next year…the deadline is rapidly approaching with just two weeks left.  That’s right, the deadline is October 14!  That is just one week from today!  Go submit some abstracts!

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