Hyperion EPM Week In Review: October 25, 2016

So now I’m extremely late…  On the bright side, there is a ton of great content, including several Hyperion Patches!
Hyperion EPM Week In Review

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:

Hyperion Essbase has been released.  This patch includes almost all products (Server, RTC, Client, MSI, EAS Server, EAS Console, and APS).  The notable exception is Essbase Studio.

Hyperion Smart View for Office has been released.  This patch has some pretty cool features.  The most notable that I’ve seen fixes a giant issue with Smart View.  They have added a VBA function that will allow you to submit a range of cells without doing a refresh.  This means that you can now send out your templates, get back numbers, and not have it blow them away!

HFM has been released.  This has a variety of defect fixes, including a sizable number related to performance.

The OBIEE 16108 patch is now available.  This crosses three version:, and  These of course continue the long-running pattern of the longest patch names imaginable.

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:

Sibin is still staying busy with two posts since our last update.  First he takes a look at Essbase password encryption.  In his next post he sticks with that same theme, this time he looks into how secure the encryption really is.

Cameron also has a pair of posts.  He starts off covering the new Activity Reports feature in PBCS.  That’s the happy topic…then the sad topic:  License Compliance.

Everyone has two posts, including Gary!  He first tells us that the new Smart View has been released.  He then goes on to release his own updated SV++ Utility!  This includes a variety of new features, the most exciting of which are Shortcuts!

Keeping with our theme of two posts, the DEVEPM crew has a pair (of posts).  First they tell us about OTN Appreciation Day…which I totally missed.  They also have a webinar coming up in December.

Opal has a pair of posts as well.  She also has an OTN Appreciation Day post.  Hers features EPRCS.  She goes on to talk about your default interface in PBCS in her second post.

Eric is our first blogger with only one post.  He has an OTN Appreciation Day post about the Log Analysis Tool.

Luckily, Jason had three posts to even it out.  He shows off a new feature in the Next Generation Outline Extractor.  Jason also has a post caused by me pestering him for help related to getting data out of Essbase.  He then took that post and extended it into Drillbridge.  Cool stuff.

Dmitry has some really cool stuff on using Essbase with Oracle Data Miner and Oracle R.  First he gets things set up with ODM and ORE.  Next he runs clustering models in ODM.  Finally, he uses those clustering models as data sources for regressions.  This is really cool stuff too.

John Goodwin has parts three and four of his EPM and ORDS series.

Vijay has a post on a simple DRM error.  He runs through how to unlock properties to prevent error messages around security.

Patrick has a post on using the backslash escape character in Essbase dim builds to retain quotes.

Hyperion EPM Week In Review: October 7, 2016
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