Hyperion EPM Week In Review? November 26, 2016

Welcome to the Hyperion EPM Week in Review!  And look at that…it has only been a week!
Hyperion EPM Week In Review

Hyperion EPM Patches and Updates:

Essbase has been released.  This is a nearly complete patch for the suite with everything getting a patch but EAS.

The December 2016 cloud updates are about to drop:

ARCS looks to have a few new features, including Transaction Matching.

EPRCS also gets an update in December.

FCCS will be getting another update as well.  This update includes new alternate hierarchy functionality in the Entity dimension among other things.

PBCS gets an update as well with a lot of new features around sandboxing and a new web-based version of predictive planning.  Also of note…workspace has an official date of death…December 2017.

PCMCS gets a few minor updates as well.

Hyperion EPM Blog Posts:

Opal has another post in his ODTUG Member Series.  This time she focuses on the former ODTUG Marketing guru, Lori Lorusso.

Sibin has a five-part series on using ODI to load data from a flat file into an Oracle table.  Check out part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.  He follows that series up with another ODI post on handling NULL values in ODI.

Peter has an extremely detailed post on conditional FIX statements in Essbase.  Love the details and explanation.

Jason hosted a webinar this week on the Dodeca Excel Add-In.  This is a pretty cool tool for all of you out there that either refuse to make the move to Smart View or have VBA code preventing the move.  Jason also has an update on his Thriller MDX over JDBC driver.

Cameron has a great post on migrating an Essbase database to the cloud using PBCS.

Keith has an update to the FDMEE framework that he has been working on.  He has updated the logging functionality to be in line with PEP 8.

Tim tells us Happy Thanksgiving along with some kind words from a Dodeca Excel Add-In user.

Glenn gives us a few highlights from the Essbase patch that was just released.  Sounds like we should all get patched up…

Rodrigo has an ODI post as well this week.  He continues his series on Dimensions and Cubes in ODI 12c with part 3 on Settings for Surrogate Keys.

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ODTUG + NTxHUG @ Topgolf Tomorrow!

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