Hyperion EPM Month in Review: December 2016

HyperionEPM.com Month in Review

The Hyperion EPM Week in Review has clearly become more than I can manage on a weekly basis.  So, I’ve decided to do a monthly update for the time being.  If things slow down, I’ll get back to a weekly update.  So, welcome to 2017 and the review of Hyperion EPM in December of 2016!

As part of this change I’ll also be structuring the posts a little different.  Because over the course of a month many of us post more than once, I’ll be adding sub-heading for each of the contributing blogs along with a link to their main site.  I welcome any feedback everyone has.

Adashek EPM

Garry had three posts last month.  First he announced that he was selected to present at KScope17.  Congrats Gary!  He also lets us know about the new patch for Financial Reporting.  This is a particularly important update given that Oracle will no longer support the desktop client soon.  While he’s updating us on patches, he also has a post about the new patch for FDMEE.  This includes a whole host of new features including text-based data loads.

Cameron’s Blog for Essbase Hackers

Cameron gives us the update on the most resent Boston meetup.  It looks like a lot of fun was had!


The DEV EPM crew continues their series on Dimension and Cubes in ODI 12c.  The topic of the day is loading data using surrogate keys.

EPM Junkie

Keith has a post on extracting UDA’s…using Python.

Eric Erikson’s Oracle HFM and FCCS Blog

Eric, much like Gary, as a post on the patch for Financial Reports.  This seems to be a popular topic.

Exploits in Hyperion

Sibin had another busy month of blogging.  He starts off by taking a peak at the backend tables of Shared Services.  He then moves on to showing us how to create a relational data source for an Essbase rules file…on Linux.  Speaking of Linux, he also has a guide on installing HFM on Oracle Linux.  I’m pretty sure this is only supported on Exalytics…but hey, cool guide.

Jason’s Hyperion Blog

Jason has a re-cap of his most popular blog posts of 2016 to finish out the year.

More to life than this…

John continues his awesome content to finish off the year.  He has a post on loading data to multiple years and periods with FDMEE.  He also has part one of his series on FDMEE and the REST API.

Fishing with FDMEE

Francisco has a post on the patch for FDMEE at a glance.  He the digs deeper into the patch.

Only Hyperion

Dayalan has a post on loading data into PBCS using the HsSetValue and HsGetValue functions.

Oracle – Hyperion Labs

Celvin, who I had the privaledge of hanging out with over the holidays, has a number of posts in December.  He has an amazing family and it was great to spend some time away from Kscope with some fellow Oracle nerds.

First he has a tip on ADFS Federation and Signing Certificate issues.  Next up he has a quick tip on deleting members and shared members more rapidly in PBCS.  Finally, he has a post on adding a time value to a webform.

Real Tri Geek

Sarah has a post on error 10058 in Data Visualization Desktop (DVD).  While on the topic of DVD, she also covers plug-ins.

The I.T. Side

Eric has a great post showing off the new and hopefully eventually released Essbase Cloud Service.

Woman in EPM

Opal has a post on opening up more than one instance of the Oracle EPM Cloud.

Happy Belated New Year!
Kscope17…here I come!

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