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In my last entry I demonstrated the use of dynamic members in Custom Plan Types.  In today’s installment we’ll actually put dynamic members to a more practical use.  The main benefit of dynamic members is to give the end-user the ability to add (or remove) their own members.  But, if they have to go to the Business Rules section of Planning every time to do so, the process will get old in a hurry.  Additionally, if you’ve never used menu’s in Planning, we’ll make excellent use of them today.

The first step in this process is to create out custom menus.  Follow these steps to create the necessary menus:

  1. Click Administration, then Manage, then Menus.DynamicMembers17
  2. Click the Add Menu button.DynamicMembers18
  3. Enter Manage Entities for the name and click OK.DynamicMembers19
  4. Click on the newly created Manage Entities and click the Edit Menu button.DynamicMembers20
  5. Click on the Add Child button.DynamicMembers21
  6. Enter the following and click Save:DynamicMembers24
  7. Click on the newly added Managed Entities parent menu item and click the Add Child button.DynamicMembers23
  8. Enter the following and click Save (remember we created our business rule in Part 1):DynamicMembers24
  9. Click on the newly added Add Entity child and click the Add Sibling button.DynamicMembers25
  10. Enter the following and click Save:DynamicMembers26

Once we have our menu ready, we can create our form and add the newly created menus.  Follow these steps to create the new form:

  1. Create a new form.DynamicMembers27
  2. Enter the following and click Next.DynamicMembers28
  3. Modify your dimension to match the following and click Next.DynamicMembers29
  4. Add Manage Entities to the Selected Menus list and click Finish.DynamicMembers30
  5. Open the form and test out your new right-click menu.DynamicMembers31

Now you have a form that can be used to allow users to input their own members in a custom plan type!

Enabling Dynamic Members in Custom Plan Types in
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  1. Hey Brian,

    Just as a quick question – did you ever test this through smartview as well?

    Running a fully patched environment, and the dynamic member creation works perfectly from within Planning, but connecting to the dataform in Smartview and attempting to add the member is throwing an error (basically saying that new member can’t be resolved).

    Be interested if you found the same thing.

    Thanks for all your writings by the way! Been very useful in the past.


  2. Hi Brian;
    Thanks for your Hyperion blog, very useful resources.
    The mechanism described here is very close to what I’m trying to achieve, yet slightly different.
    Instead of allowing the end-users to dynamically create brand new members, I’m looking for a mechanism to allow them to select dynamically in a form the elements of a dimension hierarchy they want to enter data against. (I hope I’m clear…)
    Any idea or recommendation would be useful.
    Many thanks.

    • Brian Marshall
      June 11, 2017 - 12:15 am

      Hi Mathias,

      Funny that you mention that, as I had this come up at a client not to long ago. The answer is “kinda.” In a Planning form, you can use a Dynamic User Variable in a form the filter rows or columns. I actually put together a blog post to demonstrate the functionality and it should be post first thing Monday morning. If you need it sooner, let me know and I can send you a preview.


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