Homelab Work in Progress

Homelab Current State

So I’ve finally made some time to get back to really finishing off my current iteration of my homelab.  Here’s what it looks like as of today:

Homelab Future State

You can see a somewhat outdated list of specs over at my lab page until I get it updated.  Here’s the future state i the form of a pretty Visio diagram:

Things To Do

Here’s a pile of stuff I still need to get installed to make this a reality:

I plan to update this diagram as I get it all finalized.  I have a whole list of steps that have to occur to get there:

  • Replace my existing 4U basic case with the already purchase Supermicro 846 pictured above.  It has just a SAS1 backplane, but most of the storage is planned to NVMe and SSD internally attached.  I’ll just have a few spinners in the backplane attached to a SAS card of some sort that I have laying around.
  • Replace my existing Norco 4224 with the already purchased Supermicro 846 also pictured above.  This one has the SAS2 backplane.  I’ll also be throwing in a 1.2TB ioDriveII I’ve been sitting on for a while.
  • Have my loan un-insulated exterior wall…insulated.  It faces the morning and afternoon sun, so basically 8 hours a day of Texas sun beating the crap out of it.  The rest of the room is R12 in the walls and R21 in the ceiling.  Hopefully this will solve the problem and allow my A/C unit to keep up without having to upgrade to 2 Ton mini-split unit.
  • Wire in my new 30A breaker so that I can then purchase the 3000VA Smart UPS to replace my bound-to-fail-eventually consumer units.
  • Actually purchase and install a 3000VA Smart UPS.
  • A few other odds and ends like 2690V2 CPU’s for my two ESX boxes that don’t already have them and another P3605 or two now that the prices have come down some.