Around The Lab: Garage Data Center

It has been quite some time since my last lab update!  I’ve done quite a bit of updating since my post in January.  Today we’ll focus on my new Garage Data Center.  My Oracle rack has finally filled up for the most part and as a result, it has become a little loud and a little hot to stick around in my office.  I decided to put my extra garage to use!  I took a corner of my garage and put together my very own garage data center.  Check it out:

Fully framed:



And installed:

Glamour Shot:

Summer is Hot

The good news is, the servers can be as loud as I want them to be, the bad news is that summer is here and my air conditioner failed.  It didn’t even make it a year, which is very disappointing.  Luckily I was able to pick one of these up on Craigslist the same day so that my servers didn’t melt in the Texas heat:

Are you married?

Yes!  What’s the best way to get your garage cleaned?  Promise your husband that he can build a data center.  Done!  Kscope17 is coming up soon, so I’ll have a post about that early next week.  Until then, have a great weekend! is now
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